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This document will assist you in performing an fdisk and format on your hard drive in order to re-install a clean copy of Windows 95.


  1. Windows 95 CD
  2. Your floppy disk that is labeled Windows-95 CDROM Setup Bootable Disk, or any bootable floppy disk that has been configured to allow you to access your CD-ROM drive.


  1. Insert your Windows-95 CD-ROM setup boot disk into the a: drive.
  2. Turn on the power to your computer.
  3. Insert your Windows-95 CD-ROM disk into the CD-ROM drive.
  4. When you get to the Microsoft Windows 95 Startup Menu, select Clean DOS Boot.
  5. At the A:\> prompt type FDISK and press <ENTER>.
  6. If prompted to enable large disk support press Y for yes and press <ENTER>.
  7. Press 3 to select option 3) DELETE PARTITION OR LOGICAL DOS DRIVE and press <ENTER>.
  8. Press 1 to select option 1) DELETE PRIMARY DOS PARTITION and press <ENTER>.
  9. When asked which partition needs to be deleted, choose the partition number that is highlighted under PARTITION at the upper left hand corner of the screen which normally should be 1 and press <ENTER>.
  10. When asked to enter the VOLUME LABEL, type what is located under VOLUME LABEL at the top-middle of the screen and press <ENTER>.
  11. When asked ARE YOU SURE [Y/N], Press Y and then <ENTER>.
  12. Press <ESCAPE> to return to fdisk option.
  13. Press <ESCAPE> to exit fdisk.
  14. Reboot the system
  15. When you get to the Microsoft Windows 95 Startup Menu, select Command prompt with CD-ROM drive loaded and press <ENTER>.
  16. When you reach the C:\> prompt, type FORMAT C: and press <ENTER>.
  17. When prompted if you are sure, press Y and then <ENTER>.
  18. When the format is completed, type D: and press <ENTER>. If you have more than one hard drive in your system or your hard drive is partitioned into multiple partitions your CD-ROM drive letter may be different. If you know what the last hard drive letter assigned in your system is the CD-ROM drive letter should be the next available drive letter.
  19. Type SETUP and press <ENTER>.
Follow the directions as prompted by Windows 95 setup. Almost all choices will be the default selection, however if you are unsure about how to proceed with a certain step you may wish to visit Microsoft's web site for more info.

Last Update : 4/29/2003       

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